What is the purpose of Keeka Fundraising?

The Keeka Fundraising program is an easy way for schools, clubs and other organizations to get the funds that they need for field trips, athletic tournaments, uniforms and more by selling fashionable and fun earphones.

How does the program work?

Schools, clubs or other organizations purchase Keeka totes which are pre-packed with a variety of styles and colors of earphones. Each child participating in the fundraiser is assigned a tote from which they can sell Keeka earphones to neighbors, family and friends.

What is included in the Keeka tote?

Twenty pairs of Keeka earphones in a variety of colors and styles, plus a Selling Tips card which provides suggestions to make the selling experience easy and fun. Each order also includes instructions for the teacher or administrator overseeing the fundraiser.

What happens if customers run out of totes/products?

Customers go to Keekafundraising.org to order more totes and earphones, as needed.

How much do the earphones sell for?

School or organizations purchase each pair of earphone for $3 ($60 for a tote containing 20). Customers have the freedom to choose a selling price (We recommend between $6 and $10).

Who pays for the shipping?

Whomever is ordering the Keeka Fundraising materials and products will pay for shipping.

What if there are totes or earphones left over once the fundraiser ends?

Customers should contact Keeka Fundraising customer service to arrange for a refund and receive instructions on returning the excess product.

What are Keeka earphones made of?

Polypropylene, aka polypropene,

Do Keeka earphones undergo safety testing?

Yes, all Keeka products must pass rigorous quality control testing. All are certified with Prop. 65, CE and FCC certificates.

What type of devices are Keeka earphones compatible with?

Keeka earphones work with any audio device that has a 3.5 mm audio port, including most cell phones, tablets and MP3 players.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, but please call our customer service line (listed on the website) and speak to a Customer Service Rep for the rates.

Who qualifies for this program?


Clubs (i.e. keyclub, chess club, fishing clubs, rotary club, science club, math club and so on)

Organizations (girl scouts, boy scouts, little leagues, peewee football, high school sports, FFA, etc.)

Mission trips

Enrichment trips or camps (science field trip?)


Fundraising for a run or a walk monetary goal (i.e. if we sold Keeka to get to our fundraising goal for that breast cancer walk)

Awareness/Causes Fundraising (Breast Cancer Awareness, American Heart Association, MS, Etc.)

Booster programs

Community programs (i.e. YMCA)

Community event centers (CSD type dances or whatever, fairs)

Charity events – runs, walks, festivals