Why You Should Think About a Keeka Fundraising Campaign

Some of us might cringe at the thought of launching a fundraising campaign for our team, group or club. Fundraising takes time. It takes effort. It takes planning and volunteers. It almost always takes selling, and many of us are not natural salespeople. But if we need the funding, we often just grin, bear it, and hope for the best.

And if your team, group or club is already well funded, you may consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to peddle candy bars, popcorn or cupcakes. But Keeka believes that fundraising is about more than financial resources and can be something you want to do, not something you feel you have to do. It can even be something you have fun doing. There are far more reasons to launch fundraising than lack of money.

Altruism and Personal Enrichment

Fundraising is by definition an act of altruism for both those who engage in a campaign and those who respond with financial support. Keeka wants to inspire more people to engage in fundraising as a way to give back to the world they live in and make it a better place.
Consider this scenario. You or your son is on the Junior Varsity football team, which is well funded through alumni and booster clubs. But the school band isn’t as fortunate in its supporters. You’ve watched the band members and their families at Varsity and JV games trying to raise awareness and money so they can keep playing the halftime show. Imagine the camaraderie, fellowship and inter-team building that can be achieved if the football team decides to help band by launching a fundraiser on their behalf? The life lessons learned for both groups can be invaluable in their young lives.

Keeka Puts the Fun in Fundraising

Fundraising doesn’t have to mean begging someone to buy something they probably don’t want by selling your cause instead of the product. Fundraising with Keeka means you’ll be selling trendy, cute and high quality ear buds.
Let’s go back to the JV football team that decides to help the band. With our easily displayed, colorful, eye-catching totes, people will come to the JV table at the game to get a closer look. Keeka ear buds are so cool you won’t have to engage in high-pressure selling or guilt tactics. Yes, you can talk up the band, and why you’re raising money for them, but when someone is already interested in the product, it feels less like a “sale” and more like a “conversation”.

Stand Out From the Crowd with Keeka

In all the bake sales, candy drives and magazine subscription offers, be a trendsetter. Technology is king these days and you’re sure to reach more people if you’re raising money by selling cool, high quality accessories for cell phones and digital music players. All Keeka ear buds are packaged to be attractive and eye-catching. All Keeka ear buds come with a built-in microphone for phone calls, and fit the standard 3.5mm jack for any device. What’s more, Keeka Fundraising offers five different, fun based styles in a variety of colors for both male and female users. Keeka ear bud styles come with a matching storage case, cord wrap or clothespin (to secure to your clothing when in use) depending on the style.  Keeka earphones are so fun you’ll sell out faster than you thought possible.
Fundraising doesn’t have to difficult, or time-consuming, or cringe-worthy. You want to support your team or school or cause. You want to do a good thing for someone else who needs your help. You want to teach kids the meaning of altruism. Do it in a way that’s fun, easy and sure to be a big hit with almost any crowd.
Keeka Fundraising