Why a Keeka Fundraising Campaign is the Best Choice

Keeka Fundraising

So, you’ve decided that a fundraising campaign is something you want to do. Now, you have to decide what sort of campaign you want to launch. Fundraising is, believe it or not, big business for the companies that offer the products and programs. Because of that, there are many options out there for schools, sports teams, charities and other non-profits. T-shirts, box tops, crowd sourcing. Candy, popcorn, magazines. All have their merits, but we think Keeka is the best of the best and here’s why.

Not All Fundraising Programs are Created Equal

You have a dizzying variety of choices when it comes to fundraising and most, if not all, can be found with a quick Google search. I searched “school fundraising ideas” and received over ten million results in .68 seconds! But the field narrows to only three million results when you search “unique school fundraising ideas” That’s probably because fundraising has been around a long time and new and improved ideas are needed to keep things fresh.But when you are scrolling through the millions of possibilities, ask yourself and your group of volunteers how much time and effort you want or can invest in the campaign. If the answer you get is, “We want to get the most bang for our buck.” Keeka is the campaign for you.

Many fundraising programs, both tried and true and new and innovative, take up a great deal of your time and effort, and require many volunteers. Keeka doesn’t.  Some programs require you to schedule your event with them, sell product using sales forms and catalogues (not real products, just pictures and descriptions), place your order and then distribute the orders once the product arrives from the program! Who has time for that? And unless your target audience is already invested in your cause, or you happen to be an expert salesperson, it’s hard to sell a three dimensional product from a photo and short write-up.You don’t have to worry about any of these pitfalls with Keeka Fundraising.

Some programs even require you to enroll by a certain deadline because their products are seasonal. Are Keeka’s products seasonal? Well, no, but they make great stocking stuffers, so a well-time Christmas campaign could net you sizable funds for your cause.

Keeka Fundraising
Keeka Fundraising Couldn’t Be Easier

You’ll have your Keeka headphone within days after ordering, and right there on display at your event or venue. Whether you’re selling to the booster club or someone who just spotted the cool product you’ve got, you’ll make your money right then and there, and maybe even get some word of mouth by a happy Keeka user.

Keeka Fundraising is Flexible and Can Be Ongoing

Because your Keeka headphones are shipped the next day, you don’t have to worry about over ordering and ending up with unsold inventory. A great place to sell your Keeka headphones is at regular events, like sports games. If you sell out, you can always take advance orders for the next game. Not many fundraising companies offer that kind of flexibility. And your Keeka campaign can be ongoing so you’re continually raising funds as they are needed, but without the time and effort that are usually needed in those once or twice a year “big push” campaigns you’re used to.

Keeka Headphones are Trendy, New and Unique

We’ve all gotten tired of candy and popcorn. Keeka Fundraising involves selling great-looking, high quality ear buds and headphones that kids and grown-ups will love. Our styles are cute, fun, colorful and express the user’s personality. Our earphones and headphones are high quality at an affordable price that anyone will be happy to own while they help a good cause.
Order your Keeka Headphone and we’ll ship them the next day. But don’t wait for someone else to set the trend in your community. Be the trendsetter! It’s not that we don’t think our ear buds are so cool people might want more than one style. But your chances of earning the most you can increases if you are the first to make Keeka earphones and headphones available. And if everyone else at the venue or event is selling popcorn that will be delivered in three weeks, you’re sure to be the biggest hit of the day.
Keeka Headphones Fundraising is new, unique and an easy way to raise those needed resources for your school, athletic team or charity.

Keeka Fundraising