The Added Value of Keeka Headphones Fundraising Events



Before you start a school fundraiser, you probably have at least some idea of how your school, club, team, band or group will benefit from it. Perhaps you’ll be able to pay for field trips, scholarships, technology upgrades or enhance student education.
But with Keeka headphones, there are more opportunities for students than just raising money. Having a valuable product, explaining the benefits of it, talking to customers, handling money, and making donors happy can teach students lessons that will help them in many areas of their lives. Kids may improve communication skills, practice financial skills, gain confidence and learn about responsibility, to name a few. While it may not be your primary goal, with Keeka you will enjoy extra benefits of your fundraising event.

Setting Goals

Children can take away many useful skills by participating in a Keeka fundraising event. They can learn about making decisions, setting and achieving goals, people skills, business ethics and money management, to just name a few.
These are soft skills that will help those kids in their future. Kids usually don’t even realize that they are learning something that will be with them forever. Talking to clients, balancing budgets, these are valuable skills. Product sales teach kids the power of choice; letting them choose what and how to sell and how much money they want to raise. Children learn that a thoroughly thought out plan delivers better results than just doing something without any expectations.

Team Work

Keeka fundraising is a great opportunity for teams to work together toward a common goal to make a positive contribution. It gives children a feeling of ownership of their school or club. They can be proud to use laptops or footballs that were bought with the money they raised.

Customer Service Skills

It’s easy to learn customer service skills from participating in a Keeka fundraising event. Making eye contact, smiling, and using clear speech are skills children need to develop for future jobs. Fundraising events show them the importance of setting goals, presentation, and accepting responsibility.
Kids like technology, and with headphones fundraising it’s easier for them to learn how to have a friendly competition, maintain a positive attitude, work as a team, and be resilient.  Parents notice their kids have the maturity to talk to people and show positive change about how they interact with others.

Positive Role Models

An often-unexpected benefit to emerge from Keeka fundraising is providing kids with positive role models. Student teams transform into heroes. They become conscientious, hard-working learners that inspire others. Many students want to repeat the fundraising event again and again, making it even more profitable for schools.
At the same time, children who might have less confidence get an opportunity to come out of their comfort zone, and worry less about how others may see them. Keeka fundraising provides a liberating environment for kids to develop in new ways.
When you repeat Keeka fundraising, you will see a growing number of students who want to participate in the event. The pride children feel when they realize they’ve succeeded is palpable. They learn to care about others, and think about ways to improve their surroundings for the benefit of the entire organization. Not to be self-serving and doing something for others is a major benefit of fundraising.
Teachers confirm that the increased confidence impacts the way children behave during classes. The genuine buzz that always accompanies a Keeka fundraising event improves the atmosphere at school without distracting kids from learning.

Are These Effects Temporary?

Teachers say the enjoyment and engagement created during a Keeka fundraising events are some of the greatest they’ve experienced. As a result, relationships with their students improve. Teachers see just how much children are capable of. The long-term effects are enjoyment, enthusiasm, and renewed energy for both students and teachers.
In terms of learning, Keeka makes it easy to raise awareness and understanding, as well as money. Students get a better understanding of the business world, and benefit from the experience they receive. So, what’s the upshot of this post? With some time, effort and Keeka headphones, fundraising can be much more than getting money for something. You can measure how much money you raise, but engagement, enjoyment, independence and excitement are priceless.