Spice Up Your Fundraising with Keeka Headphones


School fundraising has been around a long time, and there are many benefits with it beyond the funds raised. Children and others involved get to feel the pride of ownership for what they have accomplished. They often feel they have earned the school trips, or band uniforms or computer labs. There may be no better way to help someone feel empowered than to let her raise money for a cause that will benefit her.

But because so many schools do so many fundraising campaigns every year, it’s easy to saturate potential donors with yet another candy bar campaign. Even volunteers can feel like they’re in a rut of bake sales and hanging out at the grocery store. When fundraising gets routine, or even boring, no one benefits. Volunteers want more exciting challenges, and donors want new ideas. It’s time to switch it up by offering something new and different, like a Keeka Headphones fundraising event.

Should Everyone Get Something Out Of It?

Pure charity is by definition an altruistic action. Nonetheless, school fundraising is historically designed around some sort of sales, with the proceeds benefiting the school.  It teaches children responsibility and business skills that they will use later in life.

Creating a value statement

With headphones, it’s easier to craft a concise statement when you start your fundraising campaign. Give donors a long-lasting, helpful reward for their money and get much higher results than just saying that you’re doing a fundraiser without specifying what benefits they’re going to receive.



Delivering more benefits than candy or sweets

There are often individual benefits for donors. When it comes to headphones, the future enjoyment of it can motivate people to donate more money. It’s easier to communicate individual benefits to your supporters, so you get improved communications, connections for future events, and better results.

Easy to manage

Budget is one of the main fundraising concerns. With Keeka headphones, you get one pair for $3 and sell it for $10, making $7 profit! Besides, many fundraising events require liability insurance, which can swallow up a lot of money made by the event. When it comes to headphones, no insurances and licenses are required. Moreover, headphones don’t look amateurish when you advertise your fundraising event.

Creating an entire experience

Donating to an event is often seen as equal exchange – you give them something and they give you money. This is a reason why so many candies and sweets events fail. A donor will have a cupcake for a minute, which is often not amazing or fair enough to give you money.

Of course, some organizations can invite celebrities and think of extraordinary entertainment. However, if you don’t have Bill Clinton or Beyonce on your dial, you should choose something with more benefits than cookies. By offering your supporters Keeka headphones, you’re offering an experience that cannot be duplicated. And that’s really priceless.

Allows you to be innovative and creative

It’s easy to copy what’s been working today since it seems safer. Thus, many people end up having a cookie or sweets event. However, the advantages of innovation in fundraising go way beyond making money! Innovative fundraisers not only inspire donors but also school’s leaders and institutional academics, thus allowing for new opportunities and connections. However, if your innovative ideas don’t offer any value, all attention of possible donors you captured from being new will be lost extremely quickly. Headphones create a long-lasting value for your supporters.

Following-up is easy

Surprisingly, what happens after the event is almost as important as what happens during the event. You’ll want to personally reach every donor and thank them for their support. In this case, you can also be sure they will thank you for a nice pair of headphones, which will remind them of you. This is a perfect opportunity to prepare them for the next donation.

And don’t forget about volunteers! Every fundraising event takes time and effort in order to be successful. But by getting a tote with headphones, you’ll be able to host events that will bring more people and money to your school, organization, or club.