How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fundraising With Keeka Headphones

Most of us have done a little fundraising at some point in our lives.  It was probably when we, or our kids, were in school. One day, your kids just came home from school with candy or popcorn to sell to raise funds for school trips, extra-curricular activities or uniforms. Budget cuts, inadequate resources, and growing classroom sizes increasingly limit a school’s ability to afford these extras. Financial constraints shouldn’t prevent our kids from getting a quality well-rounded education. Even more critical, according to recent research, 99% of public school teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies, which can amount to an average of $485 out of each teacher’s pocket every year. Students deserve exciting new experiences, and teachers deserve access to necessary resources without paying for them with their own money. This is why fundraising is so important.


It Might Be Up To You

The kids are supposed to be the ones doing the fundraising, but as a parent, you know you end up doing most of the legwork. Once you’ve already taken the most important step and decided to create a fundraising event, ask yourself what you want to achieve. To reach your goals, just having big turnout at your event is not enough. You need a product they will buy.
Most people are tired of donating money to in exchange for products that they either don’t need or that they can easily buy at any store. Your supporters will remember an event that promoted value priced, high quality, branded products that are packaged attractively. Why not try something other than the usual candy bars and salty snacks?

Keeka Headphones Are A Great Option

Keeka Headphones helps schools raise extra money for arts programs, field trips, special supplies and projects. Whether the funds are to support a class trip or have a special project, together we will successfully meet all your goals, and raise school pride. Keeka offers you a unique tote with 20 colorful headphones.  One pair of Keeka headphones will cost your group $3, which you can then sell for $10.  That’s an over 60% return on investment that goes into your fundraising.
It’s simple and easy to execute. There is no additional cost to you. Keeka fulfills orders, and ships products quickly.  Once you receive them, follow these little tips to achieve even more fundraising success.

Keeka Fundraising

Make A List Of Possible Supporters

Start with parents, students, school supporters, relatives, graduates, and anyone who has an interest in your school. With Keeka Headphones, you’ll easily build excitement around your event and raise money.

Get The Word Out With Social Networks

One of the easiest ways to make people aware of your event is through a page on Facebook. Create a buzz for your event and spread awareness by using Instagram, Twitter, texts and any other channel to spread the word. You can even create a short video and post in on YouTube. Link your social media sites directly to the Keeka website to show off the headphones.

Get The Word Out With Emails

Send an email blast to all your email contacts and encourage them to forward it to all their contacts. Include goals, dates and the location of your event, and what you’re raising money for. Don’t forget to include the link to the Keeka website.

Other Ways To Get The Word Out

You don’t always have to go high tech. Ask the school to send notices home with the kids. Use bulletin boards at school, broadcast your event during school announcements, and post information on the school’s website. Before the event begins, send more detailed notices about your goals and the headphones you’re offering so people will know what they’re buying and why. If your campaign lasts longer than a day, remember to update people during its important phases.

Send Out A Press Release

Make a list of local newspapers, write simple press releases about why and how you’re raising money for your school or club and share it. Make sure to post on their websites.
You no longer have to ask people pay for something they don’t need. Instead, you’re giving them an opportunity to buy a product they want (and are familiar with), which increases the amount of funding you’ll raise. Get your messages heard and Keeka headphones will keep your supporters engaged.

Keeka Fundraising