Fall Fundraising With Keeka Headphones

Keeka Fundraising

It’s easy to get out of the swing of fundraising over the summer because the kids are out of school and families have all been doing their own summer fun things. But as the kids are heading back to school, fall sports are ramping up for the season and the major annual holidays are upon us. It’s time again to start thinking about the financial needs of your school programs, teams, charities and other non-profits. That’s why fall is a great time to launch a fall fundraising campaign with Keeka. Keeka can help you make the most of your fundraising because Keeka headphones stand out from the crowd and are a great way to raise money.

King of the Fall

Football is the king of the fall and hundreds of people will be at games every week, sometimes several days a week. It doesn’t matter if you need to raise funds for your football team, band, drama club or the school trip, taking advantage of those crowds can be the difference between new uniforms or trying to spruce up the same old tired costumes. 

Or maybe your charity or non-profit is not associated with a school. Ask the game organizers or the principal if they’ll let you campaign at their games. Some may not let you, but many may. All they can do is say no. But if they say yes, think of the exposure you can get and the funds you can raise. Your non-profit’s coffers could be running over.


Homecoming events draw bigger than normal crowds. Find out when the high schools in your area have homecoming and make a point to be there. Try to position yourself in a high traffic area and get ready for the crowds.

Keeka Fundraising

Take Advantage of the Holidays

Three of the biggest holidays of the year are coming up. While Halloween and Thanksgiving are not typically gift-giving celebrations, we all know that Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier each year. Keeka headphones make great stocking stuffers. They also are a great item to pick up in bulk for those last minutes gifts. And let’s face it; we all need a few handy somewhat “generic” gifts for people who are hard to buy for. Everyone has a smart phone or digital music players. How many times do most people lose or misplace their headphones? Having a few spares that look great and didn’t cost much is a huge selling point. You can’t go wrong! There are so many opportunities in fall and winter where crowds gather and you can get great exposure for your campaign.

Because selling Keeka headphones is so easy, you don’t have to engage in any high-pressure sales. Bring a tote to a Halloween party or Thanksgiving dinner, and let people take a look.  They’re so eye-catching people will ask you about them before you even get a chance to talk about them. Keeka headphones are compact and inexpensive. It’s no big deal to grab a few and toss them in your handbag or backpack, and then go back to enjoying the party.

Let People Know When and Where You Plan to Be

As Keeka headphones become more popular and word of mouth gets around, utilize social media, newsletters, emails and bulletin boards to let people know when and where you plan to be with your inventory. Make people seek you out at the next football game.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Keeka headphone fundraising is becoming more and more popular. You want in on the action, and the best action is sooner rather than later. And remember you’ll be competing with everyone else trying to raise funds. Keeka headphones are different, fun and unique. And Keeka fundraising is nearly effortless, which is why there is no excuse to not get started right away. Your group or cause makes money the moment a sale is made. You’ll pay upfront a fraction of the final selling price and see a return on investment of 80%. That’s money your group can start using right away to meet its needs.

Fall is a fantastic time to raise sizable amounts of money for whatever your non-profit is. The opportunities are there. You just have to reach out and grab them.

 Keeka Fundraising