5 Ways To Successfully Fundraise With Keeka

Understanding the rules of fundraising success and knowing how to implement them can take a lot of guesswork out of your fundraising event. Here are the golden rules of how to fundraise successfully with Keeka.

Spend some time educating your supporters

Professional fundraisers know that an educated supporter is a happy supporter, thus they make sure to educate their donors. You know that Keeka headphones are colorful, long-lasting, fun and comfortable, so let your supporters also learn about it! Education builds trust, and makes sure that all is on course. Donators want to trust you because you're interested in staying in touch with them and letting them know what they will get in return. People like to know that they are going to have something that will make a positive change. They will generously buy your merchandise if they feel like they get something valuable in return. You can also show them the results of their support, and ask about the headphones they have. Just stay in touch with supporters, and you will have people who give you money joyfully.

Keeka Fundraising

Don't be afraid to spread information about your merchandise on different social networks

Don't underestimate the power of social networks. Even though emails and personal invitations still work, you should think broader. Your goal is to get your message out to your possible donors, wherever they are. It's especially easy to motivate them to take an action with bright pictures of Keeka headphones that you can attach to your posts on Facebook or Instagram.

Wherever you feel that your supporters can interact with you, they should see your message and your goals. Consistency is really important here. Think through how and where you can launch different appeals. It can be even a school website, if it helps to create excitement around your event.

Don't just post one call to action on a social network and cool your heels hoping for something magical to happen. It won't work that way! You should keep driving the energy around your fundraising event.

Limited amounts of Keeka headphones helps establish urgency

Ideal fundraising events are short so they never lose momentum. Don't let people think that they can support you later, or they will never come back. A short campaign with a limited and exciting offer creates a sense of urgency. The more urgent and short your campaign, the more supporters will at least:

  • Pay closer attention
  • Make more serious actions
  • Share on social media and spread the word

The sense of urgency should have a meaning and be felt by all your supporters. To resonate with them, they should understand that they can miss a real chance to get quality headphones and support you. Without this feeling, there would be less incentive for everyone to come to your event. And without it, you can miss your goal.

Keeka Fundraising

Stay focused before and after your fundraising event

Think of your event as a marathon push - lots of excitement and energy for a short period of time. Stay focused! Most of your messaging across different media before and after the event should relate to it. For example, you can write posts answering the most important questions, such as:

  • Have you met your goals? (and say thanks to all your supporters)
  • What was the purpose of your event?
  • What difference will it make? (You can use pictures or testimonies)

If you don't stay focused before and after the event and don't thank supporters, it will feel like applying a buying approach to an event that should be focused on giving. Supporters usually don't feel positive about this approach and don't come back.

Following up with Keeka is easy

Everything that is said above leads to the point that following up is highly important. Don't just pack up everything after the event is over; provide closure to your donators. Congratulate everyone who participated and mention the impact of the donations. Keeka headphones are a great treat for your supporters that will remind them about the event. It is a highly appreciated token, and is a proven way to get a supporter to potentially come again to your next fundraising event. Therefore, it will make your supporters feel positive, which is the best state of deepening the relationships.