5 Places to Fundraise With Keeka Headphones

When it comes to a small fundraising event, one of the key elements for success is the right location. Whether you're collecting for charity or for a personal cause, invest some effort into trying to find a niche location that supports your fundraising idea. Find out who is in charge of the chosen location in advance. For example, if you're going to have an event in a store, ask a store manager or shopping center management. Don't expect someone to drop everything, and speak with you about your event. However, once you show that you have unique merchandise to offer, the process will go much smoother.

Before choosing the location

Be prepared to describe your fundraising idea to authorities, be it at school, church, local club or anywhere else. Tell them who you are, what your fundraiser involves and when you're planning to have an event. Ask if it suits them. Then identify the spot you would like to use and why you're raising funds. It's always a good idea to have a well-prepared letter with the key points and explanations. When you have it, you're ready to choose the location.

Keeka Fundraising
1. Schools

Fundraisers in schools always help with the purchase of classroom supplies or to pay for additional activities, as well as to improve essential tools like printers, computers, and equipment and develop new programs. Fundraising in schools is a fun learning experience for both teachers and students of all ages.
To run a successful school fundraising event you should have some cool stuff to offer. Keeka headphones don't leave kids bored while parents will be glad to donate money for something their kids will actually use and not throw away right after the event. And what can be better than a happy supporter?

2. Churches

Church fundraising requires a bit more effort and careful planning, but it's usually worth it. People who attend churches are often willing to give and share, especially if you have clearly established your fundraising goals and how you're going to spend the money. Unlike a regular cookie stand that we all know, the bright Keeka look will automatically attract attention, and you will raise money without exhausting yourself.

3. Local sport clubs

Prepare an exciting, action packed fundraising event in one of the local sports clubs. It's perfect for those who want to play with others or just dress up, enjoy an occasion and make new friends.  Many sports clubs are open to partnering with fundraisers, and they help promote fundraising events, offering the unique opportunity to play sports and have a lot of fun.
There are many formats for the sport club fundraising event. You can choose to host in different areas of the club, and some of them even offer food and drinks. All you need to do is to choose an attractive spot for the Keeka tote and enjoy results.

Keeka Fundraising
4. Community Centers

Fundraising events in community centers come in all shapes and sizes - it is a staple of the fundraising year for many clubs as it can help them raise a lot of money. The key point is that the moms and dads will come to enjoy an evening with their kids without spending a lot of money as well as get opportunities to socialize with other parents and have fun.
The main point here is to keep the costs down by obtaining cool merchandise at no cost, seeking discounts from local suppliers, using volunteers and properly communicating the goal of your fundraising event to possible supporters. Get the people in, give them a good time and the fundraising will naturally follow.

5. Shopping Malls

Shopping malls used to be the Holy Grail of all fundraising locations. A day spent in front of the local high-traffic retailer is like entering fundraising heaven. Sometimes you will even have more potential supporters that you can possibly shake a stick at. Note that because of a huge volume of shoppers, you'll need a colorful tote to get your fundraising message across and attract attention. Prepare for the event in advance. Ask for the name of the person you can contact in case if something changes. Get permission and stay in touch with the manager.
As you've seen, a properly chosen location can drive many potential supporters right to you. All you need is cool merchandise to offer and share your fantastic mood with others.