A New Way of Raising Money

Instead of the same, tired fundraising merchandise like candy, magazines and cookies, Keeka offers fun, fashionable earphones at a great price. They are products your friends, family and coworkers will actually want and use! A great, new way to earn money for your club, school, athletic team or organization!
Simple & Immediate
Keeka headphones are sold directly to your customers from our handy Keeka tote. Money is collected when the sale is made! There are no order forms, no waiting, and no return visit needed.

Everything You Need
Each order includes:

Inside the Tote - Keeka Earphones
Each tote contains 20 earphones in a variety of styles and colors.
You’ll also receive a “Selling Tips” notecard to help you get started.

  • Product List:
  • Buttons n’ Bows
  • Cutesy
  • Cutie Pie
  • Do-Ri-Mi
  • Petal Power

Place Your Order

All you have to do is decide how many totes your fundraiser needs!

Totes are shipped the next business day!

Our kit has everything you’ll
need – and you can always order more!

Keeka Complete Fundraising Tote - Includes 20 earphones


The Keeka Fundraising tote includes everything your students, club members or young athletes need to carry, display and sell Keeka headphones for your next fundraiser.

The tote includes 20 Keeka earphones organized by model and color, plus a "Selling Tips" card. You pay $3 for each pair of earphones and sell them for $10 apiece, earning $7 per item. That's a $140 profit per tote!

Using the tote is easy! Grasp the tote by the handle to carry it to your customers and then open the cover and flip it underneath to convert the tote into an eye-catching tabletop display.

Order yours today!